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A Culture of Innovation at Ten-X

The Purpose

Ten-X engaged us to accelerate a culture of people-centricity and innovation in service to their vision of changing the way the world interacts with real estate.

The Process

Using our collaborative design processes, we helped design a program for Ten-X called Impact Player, which is filled with high level leaders from all divisions of the company. Impact Player,based on design principles, combines strategic mindsets, behaviors, and skills in order to change the way Ten-X's people work and innovate.

The Payoff

This program has created an environment where everyone at Ten-X are implementing the mindsets, behaviors and skills built in Impact Player to think differently, co-create and design for future innovation. We have supported Ten-X in leading a culture that constantly challenges the status quo in search for a better way of doing things.

The Blank Page team really distinguishes themselves by being focused on impactful outcomes and having the ability to pivot on-the-fly to achieve objectives. Blank Page has been consistently able to get the best out of our people and lead extremely productive sessions.