Bringing stories to life by design

A Workshop at the Center for Care Innovations

The Purpose

People connect with information via stories, not by staring at data and charts. The best ideas, proposals, and projects in the world will not live on and thrive unless your audience is engaged and inspired to act. Designing a relatable and empowering story creates the beginnings of ownership in an audience. The focus of this workshop
was to create a simple approach for building trust and inspiring action through stories for doctors at the Center for Care Innovations (CCI) who work to constantly design new approaches to care delivery.

The Process

This highly interactive workshop challenged participants to develop the one message that they were interested in their audience walking away with. This was accomplished through the use of journey mapping, ideation, prototyping the stories, and ultimately testing to ensure that the stories were connected and compelling when they were delivered.

The Payoff

The doctors and administrators left with powerful stories and new techniques to bring those stories to life. One example is the creation of six-word stories, which distills a message down to its most important and powerful components. The results were powerful, inspiring, and actionable, leading to on-the-ground storytelling to push care innovation forward.

From my first phone call with Blank Page, it felt more like working with partners than consultants-I felt heard, understood and invited in to co-create what our storytelling workshop would be. In addition to a great preparatory experience with Blank Page, our workshop included relevant, fresh and concrete methods and mindsets that were a huge success for our cohort of first-time storytellers, we all walked away feeling empowered and purposeful.