A framework for great by design

Being Human-Centered with GUIDE™

The Purpose

Being human-centered is fundamental to an organization’s ability to be relevant in the fast-paced world in which we live. It is a culture and a way of being that lives at all levels of the organization and in all aspects of how work gets done.

It is a holistic experience that requires purposeful leadership, commitment to brand values, authentic customer connections, business processes and tools that empower action, and employee engagement. GUIDE™ is our framework to help you achieve great every day.

The Process

We designed GUIDE™ to ensure everything you do is done by design, not by accident. A human-centered approach to the way we think and work has been proven to be a competitive business advantage.

Harnessing this advantage requires tackling the complexity of the human system. GUIDE integrates the mindsets, behaviors, competencies, and tactics with the individual styles of people, empowering them to reach their full potential faster and with greater frequency. This systematic framework creates the conditions for people to work together to deliver well-design outcomes consistently.

The Payoff

Assumption, bias and blind spots are the enemies of relevant experiences for customers, people in the organization and business outcomes. GUIDE™ creates the conditions for faster, smarter results by systematically mitigating assumption, bias, and blind spots. When this is done well, the right people are engaged early, creating a clear path to the best outcome

The result? A proven and enduring framework that simplifies and effectively utilizes the enormous amount of data underpinning almost every aspect of your work while also putting people and customers at the center of everything you do.